Raiders Rivals: How the rest of the AFC West did in the NFL Draft

We all know what the Oakland Raiders did in the NFL Draft and many of us are confident that the Silver and Black have improved and are ready to take on the AFC West. But before they get there, we should take a look at how the rest of the AFC West did in the NFL Draft.

Denver Broncos

Denver started out by attacking a major need in the first round, which is good. But in taking an offensive tackle, the Broncos had all three top choices available and went with the third of the three on most peoples’ boards. They followed it up with a very nice second round pick, defensive end DeMarcus Walker, who could potentially start right away. But perhaps their best pick was landing Jake Butt in the fifth round. Previously thought of as a late first, early second round talent, Butt fell thanks to an ACL injury, letting the Broncos get a very nice player late in the draft.

The Broncos did a decent job of attacking needs but Garrett Bolles was a questionable option to take for tackle and despite all of the new talent, the Broncos are still looking at Trevor Siemien or Paxton Lynch as their starting quarterback. That is, unless Mr. Irrelevant Chad Kelly shocks everyone.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers blew my mind, and the minds of many others when they ignored huge needs on defense in favor of another offensive weapon, drafting wide receiver Mike Williams, a guy who most saw as the second best wide receiver in the draft. This is the second year in a row the Chargers have neglected what appear to be bigger needs on defense to get Philip Rivers another pass catcher. Last season the Chargers were 29th in the league on defense allowing over 26 points per game.

After that, the Chargers stacked up on linemen with two guards, a tackle and a defensive end, which is a strategy that’s hard to argue with. Especially when they land a guy who many believed was the best offensive line prospect in the draft, Forrest Lamp. Finally, they added two DBs with some nice value for Desmond King in the fifth round.  Overall, it was a pretty solid draft for the Chargers but there are still plenty of needs that have not been addressed.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs started the draft taking a big time risk and spending big time draft capital to do it. The Chiefs traded up in the first round so that they could land Pat Mahomes. One of the three top quarterbacks of this draft class, Mahomes was the favorite prospect of many. And luckily for Mahomes, he gets to sit behind Alex Smith for a while as he learns his trade because neither he nor the other first round quarterbacks are ready to play in the NFL.

The pick was had to value because if he turns out to be their QB of the future, no price is too high. But we won’t know for a while and in exchange, the Chiefs gave up their chance to make big time impacts on their roster this and next year by trading away two first round picks. Besides Mahomes, the Chiefs took a defensive lineman in the second round that many saw as a fourth round or later prospect. Their best pick was running back Kareem Hunt, but he wasn’t enough to make up for what looks to be a rather poor draft class.

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