Raiders Recap: First day of free agency tampering

The first day of free agency tampering began on Tuesday and for the most part, things were pretty quiet for the Oakland Raiders. That’s not very surprising considering the Raiders are not expected to make a huge splash in free agency this season. But of course, while the rumors weren’t flying around like mad, there were rumors worth taking note. We collected as many of those rumors as we could find to put them all in one place for you, Raider Nation.

One of the first little tidbits to come out was rather lacking in depth. It was just a tweet from the official NFL Media Twitter handle stating that the Raiders were interested in Eddie Lacy. Or that Lacy is interested in the Raiders. Or they are in contract talks. Or I don’t really know what the tweet means.

It’s also worth noting that whatever the tweet means, it also applies to Latavius Murray and the Minnesota Vikings.

Speaking of Murray, he was also linked to the New York Giants:

And then there was this tweet for those still holding out hope that Murray will return to the Raiders:

Of course, far and away the most of the talk surrounding the Raiders and free agency during the first day of tampering surrounded Adrian Peterson. But you really have to wonder if the Raiders actually have interest or if Peterson just really wants to play in Oakland and is trying to push the issue.

Back to Raiders free agents, Latavius Murray wasn’t the only guy getting some attention. Apparently Andre Holmes is already a somewhat popular name:

But the Raiders don’t necessarily want to see Holmes leave:

And back to veteran running backs, Adrian Peterson isn’t the only guy being linked to the Raiders:

Here are some general thoughts without names attached:

And finally, some actual movement, not just rumors:

It was a much slower first day of tampering this season than it was in 2016 which could be a good thing for Oakland. Last year, money was flying really early on. This year, teams appear to be much more hesitant which means perhaps guys won’t be as expensive as many of us thought heading in. Or, maybe it’s just going to take one contract to be signed and everything else will fall in an avalanche of absurdly large contracts.

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