Raiders fans raising money for charity to influence Marshawn Lynch

Ok… fair warning. This piece is more about trying to raise money for a good cause than it is about the Oakland Raiders. Sure, we are all excited about the prospect of Marshawn Lynch coming out of retirement to play for Oakland. It would be like a dream come true for me and I know the same is true for others.

So this morning, as I was trying to figure out what I could to with all of these built up nerves as I wait for any news on Lynch and that’s when it hit me. Rather than start a hashtag campaign, why not a donation campaign?

Lynch runs a non profit foundation called Family First that works with kids in Oakland. It’s a wonderful foundation that my family members and myself have volunteered with in the past. So, rather than use the excitement in Raider Nation to get a Marshawn to Oakland hashtag trending, I thought we could do something more substantial.

That’s why I started asking Raiders fans who want to try and get Marshawn to sign with Oakland to take their devotion one step further and make a donation to Lynch’s charity, the Family First Foundation.

When my mother was fighting cancer before she passed, we had some issues with medical bills. I did a GoFundMe and Raider Nation helped us immensely. That’s why I knew deep in my heart that they would respond to a plea for donations to a charity that does great work with kids from Oakland.

If you are so inclined, you can go to their website and make a donation using the blue button on the top of the page (warning, it does not show up on mobile phones so you will have to do it on a desktop). If you do, please tweet a picture to @raidersreporter so I can keep the tally going. Or you can post a picture in the comments below.

At the time I wrote this post, Raider Nation had raised $494 for a great cause!!!

Here’s a look at some of the donations so far:

Heck, I even unmuted someone for donating:

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