Raiders Bruce Irvin and Marquette King have friendly(?) Twitter beef

Ok, everyone have their bowl of popcorn ready? Cause Oakland Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin and punter Marquette King provided a little Twittertainment last night when Irvin called out King for the infamous picture with Aqib Talib.

If you weren’t already familiar with what happened, King took a picture with Talib at the Pro Bowl where Talib was pretending to tear King’s chain off. The picture was a reference to Talib actually yanking Michael Crabtree’s chain off during a game. At the time, Irvin showed his displeasure by commenting on the picture.

On Wednesday night, Irvin was a little more up front about things:

King responded with a tweet of his own:

But Bruce was not going to let that be the last word:

I doubt this is anything anyone should be concerned about. While it does appear that Irvin was annoyed by the picture with Talib, I see this as more of loving ribbing than a real fight. Think of it like when you give your sibling or significant other a hard time. Sure, you might be upset and might want to give them a little piece of your mind, but at the end of the day, it’s all from a place of love. And while I might give my little bro a hard time, you better know damn well that if anyone else treats him the way I do, they’d have to answer to me. That’s how brothers work.

OR, Irvin really is pissed and King better hope they don’t get in a fight because I’d put my money on Irvin 100 times out of 100.

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