Quick thoughts on Raiders draft pick Treyvon Hester

The Oakland Raiders have selected Treyvon Hester with their fourth pick of the seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Treyvon Hester will hopefully be able to develop and help Oakland along the defensive line in the future. But we will get more into how Hester fits with the Raiders when we take a deep dive into his impact with our in depth coverage tomorrow morning. For now, here’s a look at quick thoughts on Treyvon Hester that will give you some insight into the newest member of the Raiders.

  • Four year starter who showed a lot of growth in his final season. He lost a bunch of weight and improved his conditioning in an attempt to up his value moving towards the NFL Draft. May have worked out as he was a guy who was right on the edge of being drafted or not.

  • Hester is probably a guy who is more likely destined to spend next season on the practice squad than the 53 man roster, but that’s not a bad thing. Denico Autry, who is now a contributing member of this team, started with the Raiders as a practice squad player.

  • A three technique defensive tackle who does what the Raiders need on the defensive line: be a disruptive force on the interior of the defensive line. Bruce Irvin and Khalil Mack can disrupt things on the outside and while Hester won’t be disrupting things on the inside this year, the hope is he will be in the near future. \

  • Probably only ever a rotational player, but a rotational pass rusher can be extremely valuable in today’s NFL.

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