Quick thoughts on Raiders draft pick Jylan Ware

The Oakland Raiders have selected Jylan Ware with their second pick of seventh round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Jylan Ware will hopefully be able to develop and help Oakland at offensive tackle in the future. But we will get more into how Ware fits with the Raiders when we take a deep dive into his impact with our in depth coverage tomorrow morning. For now, here’s a look at quick thoughts on Jylan Ware that will give you some insight into the newest member of the Raiders.

  • Has the height and then some at 6’8 but needs to add some weight and strength. Luckily for him, at only 295 pounds, there’s plenty of room on his frame to add some bulk and power to handle those NFL bull rushers.

  • Pretty athletic for his size, he’s seen as a project but one with a lot of potential because of that athleticism and agility. Being a starting tackle in the NFL means being able to deal with power and speed on the defensive line. With that size and athleticism, Ware is a guy who has the potential to develop into a pretty good player. Of course, he will have to maintain that athleticism after putting on some bulk.

  • Ware is the first player from Alabama State to be drafted since 2007. The most well known player from Alabama State is probably Tavaris Jackson.

  • Finally, a little sample of what he might bring to the Raiders:

Still one of my favorite plays I’ve ever done.
🏃💨 pic.twitter.com/8yVGJWhrKi

— Jylan Ware (@JylanWare) March 1, 2021

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