Offensive tackles the Raiders could consider in the first round

Among the many positions the Oakland Raiders could choose from in the first round, offensive tackle is one of the few where they could end up having a shot at taking one of the top prospects available. By pick 24, a lot of positions will already have a player or two that has been taken but at offensive tackle, there’s a legitimate chance the Raiders could have their choice of any prospect. Of course, there is definitely a chance that one of these guys is gone before the Raiders pick, but in a weak tackle class, many mock projections don’t have tackles being taken until rather late in the first round.

Ryan Ramczyk, OT
Round: First

Ryan Ramczyk is a guy with a rather interesting story. After high school, he almost didn’t even play college ball, transferring schools multiple times at the DII and DIII level before finally finding his way to Wisconsin. Once there, he only played one season as a starter but boy was he impressive.

He’s a big boy with a lot of power and good athleticism for his size. He was able to shut down some of the elite defensive lines in college football in his one year as a starter. With his skill, size and athleticism he could be an elite tackle.

But the problems are there as well. One has to wonder about his drive considering at one point he transferred to a college without a football team, apparently intent on giving up on playing. Plus, he had hip surgery this offseason and was unable to perform at the combine due to his recovery.

Ramcyzk has some big question marks, but also some big upside.

Cam Robinson, OT
Round: First

Cam Robinson is probably my favorite tackle in this year’s draft class. He’s a monster of a kid who has been starting since his freshman year (and dominating as a starter, at that). He is one of those players who looked like he was ready to play in the NFL the moment he took his first snap in college.

His only concerning issue on the field are his struggles against speed rushers. He has the mass and strength to take on almost any defender, but while he has good agility, it’s not elite and good quality speed rushers can get the best of him. That being said, his upside is huge because he’s a guy that people see as being able to play at either tackle or either guard position in the NFL, and we all know how much I love versatility.

The other downside for Robinson comes off of the field where he’s had some issues. Most recently, he was arrested for possession of drugs and a gun. Reggie McKenzie will take some risks but for a first rounder, Robinson would have to have had a very good interview with the Raiders.

Garett Bolles, OT
Round: First

Garrett Bolles is a really interesting prospect. He isn’t the most technically skilled of tackles but for the most part, that hasn’t held him back. His strength, nasty demeanor and impressive athleticism and agility have made him a pretty darn good left tackle in college.

Bolles is quick, especially with his first step, and is able to do what Robinson struggles with, handle speed rushers. He’s also got good strength and is like an offensive tackle version of Lee Smith with how he plays right to the very last sound of the whistle. And like Kelechi Osemele, he doesn’t look to just block you, he looks to steal your soul as he drives you into the turf.

The downside is that he’s a guy with limited experience against quality talent as he only has one year as a starter at the FBS level. Because of this, he’s also rather limited in his technical abilities. He was able to get away with sloppy technique in college but won’t be able to in the NFL. If the Raiders can coach him up on his technique, they can get a very good player. And even if he never reaches his full potential, he could end up being a very good right tackle.

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