In depth analysis of Raiders seventh round pick Treyvon Hester

With their tenth and final pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders selected defensive tackle Treyvon Hester out of Toledo, adding one more defensive piece to the roster before calling it a weekend. Hester was the second defensive lineman and the seventh defensive player to be drafted by the Raiders this year.


Treyvon Hester is probably the least exciting of the four seventh round picks the Raiders made but only because the payoff, if there is one, probably won’t be for a year or two. Hester has a lot of upside but he’s probably a guy who’s destined to spend a year on the practice squad before even making the 53 man roster.

But from there, the potential to be a contributor isn’t that far off. Hester is a three technique defensive tackle which fills a need the Raiders were looking to address. His primary role is to be a disruptive force in the backfield from the interior of the defensive line. By getting into the backfield and collapsing the pocket, guys like Hester take away the ability of quarterbacks to step up and avoid the edge rush.

Hester did most of his damage through effort rather than skill. Hopefully that’s a sign that he will be willing to put that kind of effort into improving his technical skills. Hester has a lot of areas he needs to work on and will have plenty of time to work on them. Hester has the size and quickness to win inside at the next level but he needs to get better in a lot of ways before even making the roster. If he can improve consistency over the next could of years, he could end up being a valuable rotational defensive lineman.

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