Five quick thoughts about Raiders draft pick Marquel Lee

The Oakland Raiders have selected Marquel Lee with their fifth round pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Marquel Lee is someone that fans hope will immediately help Oakland with the linebacker position, something that was a key need for them this offseason. But we will get more into how Lee fits with the Raiders when we take a deep dive into his impact with our in depth coverage tomorrow morning. For now, here’s a look at five quick facts about Marquel Lee that will give you some insight into the newest member of the Raiders:

  • Mel Kiper, Jr. listed Marquel Lee as a name on day three that could grow into being a starter one day. Take that for what you will. Kiper may be the king of the draft and is responsible for much of its popularity, but his player evaluation skills are far from perfect.

  • Before the draft, Reggie McKenzie said he believed linebacker was a position you could find late in the draft. He is testing that idea with Lee who is the third linebacker he’s taken in the fifth round and the fifth in the fifth round or later.

  • After the 2015 season, Lee admitted to “freelancing” too often during the year. He will need to learn to stick to his responsibilities as freelancing was already a problem for the Raiders last season, leading to missed tackles and wide open tight ends.

  • Has good play recognition skills and some solid abilities but needs to get stronger. He will also always be limited by his lack of speed at the NFL level.

  • Some think he would be better suited to play weakside linebacker rather than middle linebacker. It’s possible the Raiders will use him at both in their multiple front defense.

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