Five quick thoughts about Raiders draft pick Eddie Vanderdoes

The Oakland Raiders have selected Eddie Vanderdoes with the 88th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Eddie Vanderdoes will immediately help Oakland with the interior of their defensive line, something that was a key need for them this offseason. But we will get more into how Vanderdoes fits with the Raiders when we take a deep dive into his impact with our in depth coverage tomorrow morning. For now, here’s a look at five quick facts about Eddie Vanderdoes that will give you some insight into the newest defensive tackle on the Raiders:

  • Vanderdoes is a bit of a risky pick since he is a guy who had an ACL injury two years ago and did not look all that great when he tried to come back from the injury last season. But with ACL injuries sometimes it takes a while to recover so the hope here has to be that Vanderdoes is still on the mend.

  • Vanderdoes may not have looked very good last season, but when he played in the senior bowl, he looked slimmed down and like the kind of player the Raiders would love to have. If he can keep his weight down and his motor up and look like the guy we saw in the senior bowl and not last season, it’s a good pick.

  • The Raiders are clearly looking for upside and are willing to take a risk in doing so. Before his injury, there were those who believed that Vanderdoes was a first round talent in the making. As noted above, in the senior bowl we saw a guy who was closer to the first round prospect than the guy who was struggling to return from an injury.

  • He’s not a guy who will be seen as a pure pass rusher on the interior, but that’s the primary reason the Raiders are taking him. He can help in the run game as well but it’s help in the pass rush that hte Raiders are looking for. He’s strong enough to win one on one battles and take on some double teams and has surprising athleticism for his size.

  • He’s a California boy from Auburn, a small town just under two hours north east of Oakland. He stayed in California for college when he went to UCLA and will be able to stay in California for the pros as well. At least for a year or two that is.


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