Five quick thoughts about Raiders draft pick David Sharpe

The Oakland Raiders have selected David Sharpe with the 129th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

David Sharpe is hopefully someone who will provide long term help Oakland, something that was a key need for them this offseason. But we will get more into how Sharpe fits with the Raiders when we take a deep dive into his impact with our in depth coverage tomorrow morning. For now, here’s a look at five quick facts about David Sharpe that will give you some insight into who he is:

  • THIS DUDE IS HUGE!! 6’6 343 pounds with a 35 inch arms. His size alone would be justification for many teams to draft him. A complete project but when you have that kind of size and mass, there’s always hope he can be developed into a starting caliber player.

  • He played basketball in high school and was actually really good at it. So good, he probably could have played in college had he wanted to. But he chose football instead and now finds himself to be the newest member of the Oakland Raiders.

  • Super raw and a bit challenged athletically, most see Sharpe as a guy who will be forced to move inside to guard at the next level. He has the size and arm length to play tackle and can be used there in a pinch but most believe he’s destined to be a guard at the next level.

  • There are reports that Sharpe is legally blind in one eye. He denies these reports but in general, it’s gotta be concerning. Even if he isn’t legally blind there’s clearly got to be a problem with his eye if reports are he’s blind. Then again, the Raiders are sure to have looked into this and took him anyway.

  • It appears that the biggest problem his eye sight has caused is that it has made him slow to get off at the snap. I guess seeing 300+ pound linemen coming at you isn’t all that hard to do, even with only one eye.

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