EPISODE 3: Trent Richardson, the number four pick and stadium news in Oakland

In the third episode of the Black Hole Banter Podcast, Your Boy Q and James discuss the signing of running back bust Trent Richardson, what we see the Raiders doing with the number four pick in the draft and the latest news from Oakland regarding a possible new home for the team.

You can download this episode of the Blakhole Banter Podcast here.



  1. Tripping thinking Cooper > White

    Red zone, Run Blocking, Contested Catches, elite chains mover, breaks tackles.

    Cooper is a little smoother running routes, that can be taught. But his ceiling is way lower than White.

    Like debating Dez Bryant vs Maclin

  2. Hey fellas, great podcast. Been searching for a decent raiders talk show and finally found one. Quick question, do you think we will be running a 3-4 mainly with the surplus of good linebackers we have or a 4-3 with the good interior D-lineman we have?

    • Jack Del Rio has already said that they will be running a base 43 but I’m pretty sure they will run a multiple front with both looks. I think the bulk at LB is more about depth, don’t want to have Mile Burris playing at MLB again if an injury hits lol

      • Nice, my black cat is also named Raider. She’s 16 years old and has never seen a Super Bowl win-time for the Raiders to get in the mix!

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