More names the Raiders can look at that we haven’t discussed

NFL Free agency continues to roll on as the Oakland Raiders have now signed two new free agents in Marshall Newhouse and Cordarrelle Patterson. And now that the second wave of free agency is under way, you can expect Reggie McKenzie to bring in even more talent.

There is still lots of talent left and I’ve been trying to illustrate that by doing new lists every couple of days featuring players that we haven’t even talked about yet at Black Hole Banter. So let’s take a look at three more new names the Raiders could target:

Gerald Hodges

Hodges is a young and talented inside linebacker who excels in run stopping. He was one of the only good players to be on the San Francisco 49ers last season and is still pretty young as he only just turned 26 a couple of months ago. He is a guy who has flown under the radar for much of free agency in large part because he played for such a terrible team in Santa Clara last year. He’s primarily a 3-4 ILB but because he’s a run stuffer he can also work in a 4-3. And if the Raiders want to bring in new talent at middle linebacker he would be a good guy to look at.

Ladarius Webb

A career slot corner who was moved to safety last season, Webb would be a nice depth addition for the Raiders. He might be able to push T.J. Carrie for the slot corner position but even if he doesn’t win that job, he offers a lot of value to Oakland. His versatility would be invaluable as the Raiders have now lost most of their safety and corner depth in free agency. It’s not a splashy signing but it’s the kind that really solidifies your roster in terms of depth.

 Jared Cook

This is a guy I’m not necessarily sure I want the Raiders to sign, but if they did, I would trust McKenzie. It’s not because Cook lacks talent, that’s for sure. He’s basically a less talented Martellus Bennett. He’s versatile and can line up lots of places but isn’t quite as skilled or productive. But while many think of Bennett as a character issue, it’s Cook they should be worried about. He’s seeking big money (reportedly turned down more money than what the Packers gave Bennett) and the word on him is that keeping him interested and motivated can be difficult. But, if he becomes realistic about his price and the Raiders think he won’t be a distraction, he would help take the offense to the next level.

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