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James is an Oakland Native that has been a Raiders fan since a child despite the fact that they were located in LA during his youth. More than just a fan, some might refer to his love for the Raiders as an unhealthy obsession. James began writing about the Raiders in 2009 after realizing that his incessant need to talk about the Raiders was a less than stellar way of making and keeping friends who were simply not very interested.  After stops at Bleacher Report, SB Nation and www.BayAreaSportsGuy.com, James became the managing editor of cover32.com/Raiders. In January of 2017, James left cover32 in order to focus on Black Hole Banter and expand it to include the BHB Blog. You can follow him on Twitter @RaidersReporter.


Your Boy Q is a Bay Area native that currently resides in Central Texas (Waco) and has been a die hard Raider fan since birth, and a guy who has worked at a variety of radio stations since 1999. Up until 2012 music was his area of expertise. In August of 2012 he was given a opportunity to join ESPN Central Texas and work as a co-host of a three man sports talk show called “Unecessary Roughness”. As a radio station that is based in Central Texas we talk a lot of Cowboys, Texans, Baylor  and other regional teams but that does not stop me from bringing up the Raider Nation as often as possible (always Representing ). When not at the radio station or on location somewhere, he tries to go into hiding at home and hang out with his wife and family as a way to decompress. Sports and Music go hand and hand and he feels blessed to be able to do both professionally. You can find him on twitter @yourboyq254.


  • I want to email you a larger version of the logo so you have it for better resolution. Not able to upload it here. Email me back and I’ll attach it. Let me know if you need it edited. jz

  • Thoughts after week 2. I am not very worried about the offense, the 1st half production will work itself out. The “D”, James has preached about gelling time, wow is it painful. Bruce Irving talked about a lack of communication on the D line after the week 2 loss. This is the gelling time we need. I think the D line and the secondary will improve. The line backing corp, is a problem, as we all thought. Love the show, thanks guys.

  • The Raiders are not trying to be a committed to excellence, they are trying to get rid of all of Al Davis’ part in the team. MD has been forced to fire Al’s people.
    The NFL and other owners are telling the people the NFL put in control of the Raiders to
    The NFL cares about making money and the Raiders’ brand can make money. Fans are being scammed and fooled into believing the new Raiders are trying to build a winner and the raiders are moving to better make money to bring in more players. Its about the money.

    These are the people who have money in the Raiders fans need to talk to them.

    Gill Business Group
    1665 Burckhardt Lane
    Freeport, IL 61032
    (815) 232-5982
    (815) 235-1879 (fax)

    Raider Industries
    17967 Summer Lane South
    Fraser, MI 48026
    James Dunn

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